Where is Xur Today?

Xur will be arriving in..


What Xur Was Selling Last Week?


Exotic Trace Rifle

Dragon’s Shadow

Hunter Chest

Chromatic Fire

Warlock Exotic Helmet

Hallowfire Heart

Exotic Titan Gauntlets

Xur is the agent of the nine that brings various exotics for all the classes including an exotic weapon every week. The wares Xur brings are sold for Legendary shards which you can earn easily by playing the game. We already have a countdown on top of this page that tells you his arrival time. His exact arrival time is 1 PM EST on Friday and he leaves on Tuesday at the same time. Armor and exotics are sold for 23 shards each, whereas the fated engram is sold for 97 shards. Keep in mind that the fated engram can be only opened on one character.

Our work on this website is to tell you Where is Xur and what he has brought for us this week. There are multiple locations where he can be, generally, there are 4-5 locations in which he arrives. The locations are Hangar, EDZ, Titan, and IO. Recently, he has started to show up on the new ship on Nessus where Werner 99 is.