Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Information

This is the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset information thread. This thread will be updated weekly on reset and guardians can obtain information about Nightfalls, the leviathan raid order and where petra is. You can bookmark this page as it is automatically updated once the weekly reset is done.


  • The Inverted Spire – Gives Trichromatica Ghost Shell
  • Tree of Probabilities – Gives D.F.A Hand Cannon
  • The Insight Terminus – Gives The Long Goodbye Sniper

Every nightfall has to be completed with a score of 100k in order to drop the powerful reward. Along with this powerful reward, the nightfall specific reward can drop from the chest.


Complete a mission in EDZ for a powerful reward. Complete various activities around EDZ to get one more powerful reward from Devrim.

Dreaming City Cycle

Curse Type: Weak

Petra is at the Strand.

Blind well will have Scorn as the enemy.

Ascendant Challenge This Week?

Forfeit Shrine, Garden of Esila.

Escalation Protocol

Boss: Kathok, Roar of Xol – Kathok drops IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.1

Leviathan Raid Order

Baths > Gauntlets > Dogs > Calus

Prestige Raid lairs

  • Prism
  • Armsmaster

Raid Challenges

  • Crown of Sorrow: Total Victory
  • Scourge of the past: All for one, one for all
  • Last wish: Keep Out

Reckoning Boss: Likeness of Oryx

This boss drops

  • Spare Rations Hand cannon
  • Outlast Pulse Rifle
  • Bug-out bag SMG
  • Gnawing Hunger Auto Rifle
  • Doomsday Grenade Launcher

Heroic Menagerie Modifiers

  • Extinguish – If your fireteam falls in a restricted zone, everyone is returned to orbit.
  • Grenadier – Grenade abilities deal more damage and recharge much faster.
  • Famine – All ammo drops are significantly reduced

We have removed the Werner 99 Weekly Bounties, Spider Weekly Bounties section because they are not actually updated.

If you think we missed something, comment below and let us know so that we can update it here.

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